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4-in-1 Tool
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4-in-1 Tool

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Product Overview

The ERô Multi-Function Utility Shut-Off Tool can be used to shut off your gas and water in the event of an accident, emergency, or natural disaster.

Include this tool with your emergency supplies or attach to your gas meter with the included cable tie for easy and accessible access that you can find quickly after a disaster to protect your home and family from possible damage and injury from gas and/or water leaks and resulting floods and/or gas explosions.

Make sure you and your family know where your gas and water shut off valves are located for your home. Test your valve carefully to make sure not stuck. Instructions are included with the tool. Always have a disaster plan and make sure all family members know all of the proper instructions.

This 4-in-1 emergency tool can also be used to pry open doors & windows these often get warped out of place following a disaster such as an earthquake, expolsion, hurricane, or tornado.

Made of tough heat treated alloy this is non-sparking and rust proof, this tool can also be used to dig through debris in order to aid in search & rescue efforts.

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